Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Saucer Magnolia - I'm looking forward to Spring

Saucer Magnolia

The Saucer Magnolia is one of my all time favorite Magnolias. This time of year my thoughts begin to turn towards Spring and the first blooms I anxiously anticipate are the blooms of the Magnolia. The Saucer Magnolia gets its name from the large size and shape of its beautiful saucer-shaped bloom. If you have never seen a magnolia in bloom or caught the magnificent fragrance of these Southern beauties, you simply must make plans for Spring 2007 !!!
Now that the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over, it is time to start looking forward to seeing all of your favorite trees and flowers in bloom !!!
There is no better to chase away the Winter blues, than to grab a cup of hot cocoa or a cuppa coffee and start browsing the net to help you make plans for your Spring and Summer garden.

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