Friday, October 27, 2006

Old Fashioned Amish Potato Salad Recipe

Old Fashioned Amish Potato Salad Recipe
courtesy: Mrs. B

Mix together in an extra large bowl:

12 Cups cooked diced potatoes
1 - 2 medium onions, diced
12 cooked eggs, shelled & diced
1 1/2 Cups celery, chopped fine
1 Cup shredded carrots
1 can navy beans

Dressing ingredients:

3 Cups salad dressing or mayo
3 Tbl prepared mustard
1/4 Cup vinegar
2 1/2 Cups sugar
4 tsp salt
1/2 cup milk

Blend dressing ingredients.
Mix with potato mixture.
Blend well.

Makes app~ 3 quarts

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Kentucky Lyonnaise Potato Recipe

Kentucky Lyonnaise Potatoes
recipe courtesy:kentucky cook

3-4 Cooked Baked potatoes, peeled
enough bacon grease for frying
1 large onion, peeled and sliced evenly
white pepper

Prepare potatoes, slice longways and then again in 1/8 inch slices
or slice lengthwise in 1/8 inch slices.
Preheat iron skillet with bacon grease.
Place potatoes and onions in skillet.
Lightly salt potatoes.

Make sure you turn each potato slice, stirring often.

Continue cooking until potatoes are evenly browned and onions are carmelized.
Sprinkle with salt and white pepper.

Mix or match :)
~Slice cooked potatoes any way you like.
~Prepare potatoes using butter instead of bacon grease.
~Add a tsp of minced garlic with the onions.
~Sprinkle a little parsley over potatoes, just before serving.
~Sprinkle a little paprika over potatoes just before serving.
~Serve with a side / or dollup of sour creme.

This variation of the Lyonnaise potato recipe is called Kentucky Lyonnaise because I prepare them using an iron skillet and fresh, strained bacon grease instead of the traditional butter called for in the original recipe. The recipe originated from the region around Lyon, France aka the Lyonnais Region in France. The recipe secret is to use already baked potatoes.
~kentucky cook

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Kentucky Rhubarb Crunch Recipe

Kentucky Rhubarb Crunch Recipe

Mix the following until crumbly:
1 C flour
3/4 C oatmeal
1 C packed brown sugar
1/2 C melted butter
1 tsp cinnamon

Press half of crumbs in a greased 9" pan.
Cover with 4 Cups diced rhubarb.

Combine the following in a saucepan.
1 C sugar
1 C water
2 Tbl cornstarch
1 tsp vanilla

cook until thick and clear.
Pour over rhubarb layer.
Top with remaining crumb mixture.

Bake at 350 for 1 hour.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Old Fashioned Fruit Vinegar Recipe -undated

Old Fashioned Fruit Vinegar Recipe

1 quart of fruit
raspberries or strawberries or black currants, etc...
1 quart of cider vinegar

Crush the Fruit well.
Bring the measured vinegar to 'just' boiling in a stainless steel or enameled pot.
Turn off the heat and add your fruit.

Cover and let stand at room temperature for 2 days.*
After 2 days,
Strain mixture.
Pour into a clean, dry jar or bottle and cap tightly.
Store properly.

*Remember many of these old recipe instructions do not meet todays food safety standards. Be sure and check with your local extension office for the latest information concerning food safety.
The only date of the origins for this recipe is pre civil war.

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