Tuesday, December 20, 2005



We both love gardening and flowers and hedges and bushes and wildflowers
and native plants and trees and evergreens and cypress and seeds
and seed pods and propagation and planning gardens and starting cuttings
and making organic compost
and - well, you get the idea.

When I do laundry I have to check each of his pockets carefully. A few weeks ago when most flower pods were ripe for harvesting, all of his pockets were full. Full of seeds, seed pods, cuttings, all kinds of whatever - he - finds that's ready to be harvested or planted out.

One of the interesting organic material He is working with, is Leaf Mold.
He made a beautifully simple wire bin to 'cook' the leaves for an all natural source of compost called leaf mold.
Read about Leaf Mold Here

He started out with one small leaf mold bin last year, as of this week we have now have four !
The great thing about these wire bins is they are movable and air circulates without stirring.
There's no irritating smell and they reduce in size over the winter quite well.You can move them around and place them in different areas every Fall. Be sure and check out the how- to article link above. This process makes an absolutely Beautiful Plant Media. It looks like dark crumbly soil mixed with small pieces of organic material and has that great earthy smell.

In addition to organic composts and research He does a LOT of experimental planting and propagation in both well know and experimental plant medias. He has been tinkering with everything imaginable. Pure sand, a peat, perlite and sand mixture. A leaf mold base with mixed soil, perlite combination.

Makes my head spin...

We Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season so far-