Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Dandelions and Egg recipe -Old time breakfast

Dandelions and Egg recipe
Old Amish recipe

*make sure your dandelions are not completely mature-
older dandelion stalks are too bitter to fry up.

Fry dandelion greens in butter until crisp.
They will turn black as they cook as
they are supposed to, so dont think they are burned.
Just be sure to continue to add more butter, a little at a time.
Be sure and add a little salt too.
If you can still see any green, then they need more frying.

When the dandelions are done, kinda black looking
put some eggs on top, cover your pan and turn the burner off.
Let them sit on the burner till the eggs are done.
tastes just like bacon and eggs if you do them up right.

I love old recipes...

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