Sunday, July 02, 2006

Tomato Conserve Recipe from 1917

Tomato Conserve Recipe from 1917

8 - 9 lbs of Ripe tomatoes
5 pounds reg Sugar
4 Lemons

Wash & Peel all 9 lbs of tomatoes.
press them or cut up into chunks, throwing seeds
and as much as possible of the juice away.

To about 7 lbs of the firm fruit add 5 lbs of sugar,
cook together slowly for about 2 hours.
Just before it is done add 4 washed lemons cut up real fine.
(Reject the lemon seeds but include the peels)

Continue cooking and skimming out the tomatoes
and boil down the syrup.
When thick,
pour it over the other 1-2 lbs of prepared tomatoes already placed in the jar.
Seal in sterilized jars.


* note of caution:
This recipe does not say anything about warm bath canning or describe any other safe method of sealing the jars, according to today's safe food handling practices.
If you decide to try this conserve, be sure and water or pressure can your conserve.

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